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Apply your customized NWT cover made from geniune leather at home!
No need to send us the Revised Literature
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A demonstration on how to remove the old cover

Removing and securing headbands with the ribbons

Replacing the old cover with the new one we provide for you
Leather Slip Covers for Bible/Songbook
New Services
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Colorbindgath2small.png (132210 bytes) Scanned buckram hard cover
applied to your book
More Info
coilcolorsmall.jpg (47030 bytes) Laminated
Coil Bind $8.00US/CAD
More Info
blackcoilbindsmall.jpg (41320 bytes) Leather Bound
Coil Binds
More Info
greencoilsmall.jpg (26782 bytes) Two Books Coil Bound
In Leather $30.00US/CAD
More Info
slipcasefixedsmall.jpg (35928 bytes) Embossed Slip
Cover $20.00US/CAD
More Info
magsetsmall.jpg (41101 bytes) Magazine Folders
(Name Optional)
More Info
duelsmall.png (54027 bytes) Revised NWT
Add a name stamp $10.00US/CAD
More Info
flaptiny.png (49760 bytes) Cover Flaps
with Snaps
$15.00  1 Snap
$20.00 2 Snaps
More Info
tn_clearcover145.jpg (5736 bytes) Clear Covers
for Revised Bible
$15.00  Includes:
Embossed Name
More Info

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